A.  A.  Y.  A.

Alchemy               Art                       Youth               Academy

Founded in 2014, A.A.Y.A. is our answer to the call for culturally affirmative arts programming. In much of the Caribbean Diaspora, aya, allyuh, ala and other variations translates to all of you.

It's often used in the spirit of collective community usually recognizing all of us.

Use our contact form to book a customized workshop around the following topics and ideas:


Process Drama

Original Musicals

Choreography As Discovery


Empowerment is alchemy.

A.  A.  Y.  A.


AAYA Abroad is an initiative that provides free arts workshops to students in under-serviced. countries Students receive drama, movement, and mask work on each visit. Teachers also receive two professional development sessions for integrating arts into their core classes. These workshops last one week and are fully funded by donations.