Don't have the time to build a collection of work that will help your students better understand the world? But you still want arts programming in you educational or community setting? We can show you where to find them! Think of us as the light in a dark room.


 Illumination is alchemy.


We  create curriculum that embraces the diversity present in our nation. We build stories, lessons, and activities that engage the whole child. We develop students' sense of the world around them by making the truth accessible. We believe learning is the most magical process on earth. There is nothing and no one who cannot learn. Learning is alchemy.

Purchase our curriculum sets for use in any educational setting. All sets are available via our store on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you are interested in custom curriculum, contact us for individual pricing.

All curriculum is undergoing refresh as we continue to support digital learning initiatives across the US. Please check our site on 1/2/22 for updated packages.