Alchemy: A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

What is the art of transformation? How is it achieved?

Our answer: The art is transformation. The art is magic.

Alchemy Arts is a Digital Arts House dedicated to uplifting our community through organizational development, curriculum, outreach, and representation. Based in Brooklyn, we take specific influence and inspiration from the strong Afro-Caribbean presence here. With it serving as our lens in viewing the myriad of people who call NYC home. We embrace the unique cultural landscape of our city, state and country, to build esteem in those considered the "other." We know that in fact, there is no such thing as other, and no such thing as only. We work toward the recognition of the ALL. 



Why butterflies? They are a symbol of transformation, change and endurance. Butterflies embrace each stage to their evolution. They follow their intuition, knowing that at the end of their metamorphosis, they will be the best version of themselves. We strive toward this level of trust and faith in the self, while traveling on the path toward our supreme purpose and existence. 

The Magic Words

Enlighten communities that desire stronger performing arts engagement through program development and web presence.


Illuminate resources for communities that desire stronger performing arts engagement through Curriculum Development

Empower communities with A.A.Y.A. (Alchemy Arts Youth Academy)

Symbolize communities through Alchemy Arts Swag